Concept and Object
Recently, Computer has a great influence on site of research and development. Handling Computer is important for progress of research and development. gHandle Computerh, mean is not only gUse Computerh but also gCoding Necessary Program by Him/Herselfh. As arrival level of training human resources, the notable features of human resources program has training researcher or technician who have design technique of computer programming, knowledge and technique integrate computer chemistry and bioinformatics. Necessity thing satisfy demands of the post genome age is application software meet the individual case that is to say, a talented man is able to make gCustom-made Softwareh, any such men will be able to train hereupon fusion territory of nanotechnology (Material Science), bio (Life Science) and IT (Information Science). As we to do training human resources in bioinformatics field who had both faculty of computer programming and knowledge of material science, life science, information science, we are going to strengthen our original development system which do valuation and/or prediction for a protein structure in bioinformatics field of Japanese week point. Moreover, as we are not only fusion territory of these field but also training human resources with software development ability, we will create new industry that the nanotechnology and the biotechnology fused, namely, we will be able to send reconstruction of the Japanese economy and new industry from Japan to the world.