1st Meeting for Study of Quantum Life Sciences

Date and TimeF10:00`17:20, Sat, March 22, 2003
PlaceFMeeting room in Faculty of Science (Room E202) (Ext.2607)

LectureFKOTAKE, Yaichirou (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Programs for Biomedical Research)

Title: Study of Relationship between Behavior of Living body a Low-Molecule Compound and Efficacy of Medicine, Toxicity
Abstract: I am going to speak about Chemical Compound Group with Skeleton of Tetrahydroisoquinoline.
1) Relationship between Subtle Difference of Chemical Structure and Toxicity, Protective Action for Nerve Cell
2) Change both Chemical Structure and Toxicity, Efficacy of Medicine by Metabolism in Living Body

Lecture: TANAKA, Nobukazu (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter,Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development)

Title: Investigation of the Plant Protein Interacting with the Rooting Locus Gene Product, RolB
Abstract: Rooting locus gene, rolB, has a capability of adventitious root induction on plants. An investigation of the function of the gene product, RolB, is considered as the first step to elucidate mechanism of root formation. By screening of plant cDNA library, we isolated a cDNA encoding a plant 14-3-3 protein as a factor which interacts with RolB. I make a presentation of the interaction between the 14-3-3 protein and RolB and the presumed functions of 14-3-3 protein.

Lecture: OZAWA, Koichiro (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Programs for Applied Biomedicine, Clinical Pharmacology therapeutics)

Title: Study of Drama-type Drug Creation gDevelopment for New Anti-allergy Medicineh
Abstract: In recent years, gDrama-type Drug Creationh has been proposed. This is aiming at Creation of Medical Supplies Lead Chemical Compound which established Target of Medicine at Factor (e.g. Imaginary Medicine Acceptance Body) that is considered the relation Bio-action or New Bio-action on Physiological Activation Material. Now, I have discovered a function which control Histamine Isolation from MASTerful cell of part in NSAIDs as Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. I am going to introduce Development for Creation of New Anti-Allergy Drugs as Proto-pharmacology.

12:00`13:00, Lunch hour

Lecture: AMO, Yuko (Venture Business Laboratory, Osaka University)

Title: Fluctuations of Water Molecules and Biological Molecules
AbstractF I report the dynamics of water and aqueous solutions using light scattering experiment. There is certain correlation in the thermal fluctuation of water molecules due to hydrogen bond network. The functional activity of biological molecules is directly related to the extent of the property of the water dynamics. The effect of non-white noise may be essential for the intrinsic design of the biological molecules. I have report the spectroscopic measurement of water and aqueous solutions and phenomenological analysis based on the statistical mechanics.

Lecture: IZUMI, Shiyunsuke (Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science)

Title: Topology Analysis of Membrane Protein by Mass Spectrometry Method
AbstractFI am going to speak about the analytical method which put together Topology Analysis of Membrane Protein P450 by Mass Spectrometry Method and Chemical Modifier at the first half of the lecture. If time permits, I am going to speak about Topology in Phosphor-lipid (Liposome) of Bee's Venom (Melittin) at the second half of the lecture.

Lecture: KATAYANAGI, Katsuo (Department of Mathematical and Life Science, Graduate School of Science)

Title: How far are you able to see Solid Structure of Protein at X-ray Analysis?
Abstract: I introduce a brief account of the actual situation and the prospects in Technique of X-ray Analysis for Protein. In addition, I want to touch up a brief report on a system of Exhaustive Structural Analysis for Protein which is represented by gProject of Protein 3000h.

15:00`15:20, Intermission

Lecture KOJIMA, Satoshi (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science)

Title: Development of Z-Selective Olefination Reactions Utilizing Silicon Reagents and Preparation of Chiral Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles as Potential Organic Asymmetric Catalysts
Abstract: The reaction of silylacetamides and silylacetonitrile with aldehydes in the presence of base furnished thermodynamically unfavorable Z-olefins with high selectivity. Investigations on chiral nitrogen-containing heterocycles such as chiral pyridines and piperizines as potential biomimetic organic asymmetric catalysts, which do not require the use of metal reagents, is currently under ongoing.

Lecture: AIDA, Misako (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science)

Title: From Quantum Chemistry to Life Science
Abstract: Structure of small molecule is found at high-precision by the experimentation in which we used the technique of quantum chemistry, and reacting property of molecule is able to understand by the quantum chemistry.
However, the object of research is as large as a bio-macro-molecule, we will be difficult to utilize the same technique as small molecule.
But the essentials of individual reaction should understand by the quantum chemistry, though it is in the living body.
I have already presented the study before.

Lecture: YOSHIDA, Hiroshi (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science)

Title: MOLDA QuLiS: Molecular Modeling Program for Quantum Life Sciences
Abstract: We have developed molecular modeling program for the structural analysis and design of proteins on the basis of Java and OpenInventor.This program can display the proteins which contain several thousand atoms at high speed and can also create protein structures by PDB data, polypeptide generation, point mutation, molecular docking and so on.

17:30`onwards. Social gathering

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