2nd Meeting for Study of Quantum Life Sciences

Date and TimeF 10:00`12:00, Tue, August 5, 2003
PlaceFMeeting Room in Faculty of Science, (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus) (Room E202) (Ext.2607)

Lecture: (Newcomer) MORIMOTO, Yasuhiko (Mathematical Information Science, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences)

Title: Overview of Data Mining Technologies and Their Applications to Life Science
Abstract: Technologies for extracting unknown information, or knowledge, from huge databases are called gdata mining.h With the spread of IT infrastructure, data mining technique had applied a diverse fields on the marketing successfully. It can be utilized for finding useful knowledge in life science as well. This talk introduces some of the data mining techniques and overviews recent progress of data mining in life science.

Lecture: (Newcomer) KAMATARI, Yuji O. (RIKEN Harima Institute, Cellular Signaling Laboratory)

Title: Conformational fluctuations in proteins investigated by high pressure NMR spectroscopy
Abstract: I will introduce our recent works using high pressure NMR spectroscopy. We have investigated volume fluctuation and structural transitions of hen lysozyme. This study indicated importance of atomic packing and hydration of proteins for conformational fluctuation in the native state , transition to higher energy states, and expression of protein functions.

Lecture: AIDA, Misako (Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science)

Title: Review of gNano-Bio-IT Education Programh for Human Resources
Abstract: gNano-Bio-IT Education Programh started at gEmergent Field for Human Resourcesh of Fiscal Year 2003, The Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology with funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan
May I present outline and plan in this division to everyone.

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