Research Activities

The main object of Center for Quantum Life Sciences

1) Search, design and synthesize for the physiological active materials
We put together some molecular modeling systems and quantum science formula and created a drug of medical supplies that we are designed according to the experimental basic data collected from genetic and protein information.
We add that we make search, design and synthesis for the drug delivery system and the tailor-made medical practicable physiological active materials.

As numerous experiments, we verify the force of physiological active materials by actual biological system.
We have been started a new design and synthesis for physiological active materials.

A new system is able to make the stronger active materials, if we are planning ways to high-precision-ize of a design system.
2) Functional design and prediction of protein
As we put together some quantum chemical method and molecular modeling systems, we are able to foresee a high-level structure of protein, a functional of protein and interaction between nucleic acid and protein.
We verify actual function of designed, predicted a protein molecular and a high-level structure of protein at numerous experiments.
We are planning ways to high-precision-ize of a prediction system, as we feedback it over and over that we make up the intimate relationship between information of designed, predicted a protein molecular and an experimental data in actual biological system.
3) Develop and support of modeling system program for protein
This matter expand function of MOLDA QuLiS  that a protein modeling program is based on calculating chemistry and bioinformatics, and moreover we apply the results to create medicine.

The affiliated groups of Center for Quantum Life Sciences
Computations of Molecular Interactions and Reactivity group
(AIDA, Misako; IWATA, Suehiro; MATSUBARA, Toshiaki; SAKAE, Yoshitake; HARADA, Takanori)

We design according to the quantum chemical method, understanding of peculiarity and reason of reaction in bionics.

Structural design, Predict and Synthesis group(YOSHIDA, Hiroshi; KOJIMA, Satoshi)
The prediction structure of the biological macromolecule by computer molecular modeling. The design of synthesis course for the solid optional synthesis.

Protein Informatics group(IDE, Hiroshi; IZUMI, Shiyunsuke; KATAYANAGICKatsuo)
We elucidate the structure of protein and mechanism of activation by the X-rays analysis and the mass analysis method.

Biological system Informatics group
(TANAKA, Nobukazu; OZAWA, Koichiro; KOTAKE, Yaichirou; KATSUMOTO, Yukiteru)
We design bigger active materials which we obtain from the information about action mechanism of physiological active materials.

Calculator and Information group(KAMINUMA, Tsuguchika; ISHINO, Yoko; MORIMOTO, Yasuhiko)
We use a calculator and database for calculation and abstraction of molecular which is concerned in the diverse functions of living body.

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